Monday Sevens #44

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That’s it I’m giving up and declaring defeat – Its Monday Sevens from now on, there just isn’t enough time on Sundays

This week started a little slowly, organising everything in preparation for Thursday; lots of food, where everyone was going to sleep, did we have enough bedding?, arranging lifts for Nikki’s OH with my OH… The list seemed never ending but we got there and served up a veritable feast for when everyone got back from the Funeral.

Sunday sevens

The theme of the Funeral was red so everyone wore something red, Nan and I went all out in red coats (photos to follow at some point) and most the flower tributes had a linking colour theme. This lent itself to some wonderful photos the next day:


From there we travelled back to Soton in convoy for our annual Mince Pies and Mulled wine evening with our friends from dancing, and in preparation we made a large quantity of brandy butter. Even if not many mince pies got eaten (cheese seems to have taken over as the focus of the evening) this has a tendency to be eaten by the spoonful by a few friends and my OH has a particularly sweet tooth.


We took this time to whip up the Christmas Puddings (I am always surprised by the amount of fruit that goes into them!)

The morning after the party we woke up to a lovely misty start to the day with water droplets on everything. I had to double check that it hadn’t frozen/snowed over night

Sunday sevens

Present making is in full swing:

Sunday sevens


And is very snuggly


And my new present to myself was being used on my journey back to Poole to hold my present to my cousin whilst I got some knitting of the sleeves in 🙂

Sunday sevens


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