Sunday Sevens #42

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Here is this weeks Sunday Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how my last week has gone.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind I started the week at Ed’s in Worcester, travelled down to Poole on the Monday spent a few days there before travelling back to Southampton on the Friday, then on to Bath early Saturday morning and back to Soton late that evening.

Nikki has also been travelling lots too up to London and back on Weds to see a show, Friday morning she left to Manchester a friends engagement party then travelled down to Bath early Saturday morning, driving us back to Soton late Saturday evening!

Travelling down from Worcester to Poole took about 4hours and thankfully I wasn’t stuck in floods that hit some parts of the country, but this was a good chunk of time to get some more knitting done on Rob’s Jumper and I am a bit bored of this plain blue knitting now so cast on a new hat in Poole as a possible #StitchingSanta present.
I had to cast this on twice as I started too tight the first time, but it knitted up really nicely and quickly.

#sundaysevens November

This was based off the Suffolk pattern but modified slightly, all details on Ravelry. Very kindly modelled by Tigger

#sundaysevens November

Wednesday Nikki went to London to see Wicked which was a present from her boyfriend for her birthday.


During the week I had a challenge to make a top for a ball I was going to at the weekend. I was planning on making the top out of some fantastic material so actually made a muslin first, I am thankful I did as the first version really didn’t work out. Here is the second muslin (admittedly in a very different fabric to the final version which makes it much boxier)

#sundaysevens November

The Final version required lots of hand stitching and removing sequins!

#sundaysevens November

Travelling back to Southampton I decided to wear a new to me coat which came from my Grandma. This is a lovely coat hand made for her many years ago, I feel it needs another button on the front to make it hang a little better but all in all it fits me very well.

#sundaysevens November

Saturday started very early for me (0450 alarm) with a 6am coach to Bath for the second Ballroom and Latin Comp of the year. These days can be very tiring, this one even more so as we go to their Winter Ball afterwards.

#sundaysevens November

The comp itself was very good Ollie and I managed to get through a round in Intermediate Ballroom which has been an aim of ours for a while and came as a shock to me as I really don’t like foxtrot which was one of our dances this time… After the comp we headed to the Assembly Rooms for the annual ball


and my new top got an outing along with the earrings that my mother made me using the same fabric. 🙂

The black dress I’m wearing I made for the ball last year with the idea that I could make different tops (like this) to modify its appearance over time with out having to own too many dresses…

#sundaysevens November

During my spare time at the comp (when mothering the sleeping children) and on Sunday I knitted another Suffolk hat for Me this time! It is the season of hats after all.

Nikki has been slowly making progress on her Sewing Box.


All in all it’s been a good week, hopefully this week will be a bit more settled and less hectic…


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    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks the top was lovely to wear if slightly awkward to get on and off as I made the neck hole a tad small.
      So today I took my nans old knitting machine to pieces to clean it and am half way through putting it back together so I might soon have a short cut for all that plain knitting. After a long learning curve :-p


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