Sunday Sevens #36

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Wow it appears that a month has gone past without me getting another  Sunday Sevens post out and that one corresponded to the week before it! So 5 weeks have gone by without me documenting any of it as I have been so busy and haven’t had my computer with me. Posting from my phone is a bit hard and clunky.

I am going to pick 7 photos for this week and then write a round up post during the week of my 6 weeks onboard Pelican of London for anyone who is interested.

Sunday sevens

Some of the trainees that we had onboard had recently bought new knives and I finally tried my had at pyrography with my gas powered soldering iron. Ironically I have never got round to doing this to any of my knives. I will have to now I’m home for the winter, I think it will be easier with a electronic tool.


Mandatory end of bowsprit selfie!


Most of my time onboard I was too busy to get much knitting in but I did manage to finish my latest test hat! Although I am thinking the final jumper needs an orange accent.


Looks sails!
After the last day of sailing we got most of the sails down and stored them in out mess to keep them dry till we put them in the garage.


On our last day at work we moved them ship to her winter berth, further into Weymouth and out of the way of some of the winter winds. It was a lovely day to move her, and take a few last photographs.

Look a sock

I also managed to get some progress on my first ever sock 🙂 but I may have made the foot a tad long! I am loathed to rip it back but that might be what I end up doing.

Tomato harvest

One of my first tasks when back was to harvest all of the remaining tomatoes and bin the plants as they had started to succumb to blight. I think they had a good innings though.

Now that I’m back on dry land I will hopefully be communicating more. I look forward to catching up with what everyone else was up to whilst I was gone. 🙂


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  1. Sheila Harvey-Larmar

    We’ll look forward to more posts hopefully, and seeing what you’ve been up to. What a huge variety of tomatoes you’ve got there, and good that you’ve harvested them so late. Do I see chillies in there, too? I’ve always fancied growing my own chillies.


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