Sunday Sevens #23

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Here is the latest instalment of Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, covering some what more than one week, the last 3 weeks to be accurate. Things got super busy on the Pelican at the end and once I got home time just seemed to fly away.


The last proper trip I did on Pelican was to Fowey. This photo was taken as we were leaving the river just before sunset…


Once back in Weymouth we did a short 2 day voyage with some very very annoying trainees. To wind down afterwards we checked out the new cafe /bar in Weymouth and chilled out with scrabble and wine…
So rock and roll.


Once back home I instantly got roped into helping Nikki get set up for the annual dinner dance held by the ballroom and Latin society


This is always a good opportunity to get dressed up and this time I decided to curl my hair! I genuinely didn’t expect this to actually last more than 10 mins but it held right through to the next day…


I did manage to get stood on that evening but despite the bruise which developed we managed to go out shopping for the garden the next day…


The first BBQ of the season and we accidentally turned hipster in drinking pimms out of a very large kilner jar as the jug was being used as a vase for some flowers…


Having got off pelican on the Friday I was back working for sunsail on the Wednesday. I travelled straight from Portsmouth to Worcester on the weds night despite all 4 of the trains I had to get being delayed for one reason or another…
But I finally got to Ed’s. It’s nice to spend a couple of days in the countryside. There are such wonderful colours at this time of year.


And the light here is wonderful in the evenings.


I have missed most of the early indicators of spring due to being on a boat but I’m finally starting to get the feeling


I managed to get some crochet done in the sun the other day


Some times I get the feeling I’m being watched…


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #23

  1. Sheila

    Nice hair! Is it really that long? Had to smile at your student choice of drinking vessel. Sounds like your train journey was the voyage from hell but, by the looks of the last photo, somebody was pleased to see you:)

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks. Tbh that photo only shows half of it, it really is THAT long.
      I had thought we had got past the student drinking out of anything phase but both vases were full as well…
      I’m pretty sure he just wanted my crisps. :-p

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks, Its so nice to be thinking of spring, since being back home I have been doing quite a bit in the garden which is good.
      Its soo odd to have curly hair, but it didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought it would to do so I might have to do it again soon.


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