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Ok so I haven’t officially given a pledge to Me Made May this year but I have had it in the back of my mind all month.
I didn’t sign up as I knew it would be really awkward this year as the timing is just not easy. I didn’t get off the Pelican til the 6th of May, I was only home til the 10th, I then worked a day at Sunsail and travelled straight up to Ed’s. I am going home today but still have 5 more days of work for Sunsail this month.

When working on Pelican I spend most of my time in fleece lined work trousers a merino “base layer” and a Pelican fleece. This doesn’t leave much room for Me-Mades but I did wear Me-Made underwear the whole 6 weeks I was onboard and one of the bras I had was “Me-Made”. I took the padded cups from an old sports bra that was falling apart and re made it all with a deeper band, like a semi long line sports bra.



I have also made a vest top to go under my pj top to make it a bit warmer and a bit more modest.

Once I got back to soton I put a bit more effort into wearing my own makes, but unfortunately most of my Me-Made clothing is in Poole where I spent the winter.


The first proper day back, Sunday, I wore the skirt I made from a maxi dress that just didn’t suit me. It also has an under skirt I made as a maxi slip essentially. This was paired with a new sleeveless shirt from primark bought to see if this style suited me. I’m not normally a fan of sleeveless shirts but I think I might have to try it more.


Monday was cooler and so I was back to a tried and trusted combination. My grey tie dye burda t-shirt and black chevron fabric Aberdeen jumper.

Tuesday I travelled to Portsmouth to work for sunsail. When working I have to wear chinos and a polo shirt so not much chance for Me-Made outfits.

Weds evening I travelled up to Worcester to see Ed. I only had a small amount of space and small number of items to choose from when packing so I have been wearing many of the same outfits.

These outfits have been in strong rotation.


I have also cracked out one of my first Renfrew makes. The problem with this one is its too short to wear everyday.


These trousers are a slight cheat as they are only Me-Modified. They were size 22 to start with, I took out the tuxedo esque stripe from the side of the leg and re made the pockets and lowered the waistband at the front. They are so comfy I plan on trying to recreate them myself in a more plain colour/pattern.


My grey top in the wild, snoozing on the lawn infront of Worcester cathedral on my “birthday day out”. The dart in the top is visible here, one thing that surprised me slightly in a stretch pattern but helps let it be a bit more fitted and less tent like.

I am to wear more Me-Mades during May but it depends on what I get up to, so no promises.
How are you all finding Me Made May this year?


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    1. Pippa Post author

      Good eyes, I am in Malvern for that photo. No I didn’t see any fabric shops, I think Ed probably carefully avoided them :p
      I went round one in Worcester but didn’t find anything I was interested in. I will have to look for the fabric shops in Malvern next time I’m up there.


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