Sweater Knit Aberdeen Jumper

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Another wardrobe basic coming up. I am a big fan of layering, which isn’t always obvious from what you see me wearing but I am not a fan of the cold so have a habit of wearing thermals or extra tops under my clothes to keep me warm. I have a very large selection of scoop neck strappy tops for this purpose (but I haven’t made any yet!)

With layering in mind I have been making some thinner jumper lately so that I don’t have to transition from T-shirt to thick fleece/jumper. I now have an intermediate layer 🙂

As with my other Aberdeen Tops and Jumpers I made a scoop neck instead of the V-neck, but for this one I made the neckline narrower by about an inch which I think made it a much nicer fit.

I also lengthened the cuff section, to make it long sleeved, but with only 1m of fabric I could not cut them quite as long as I would have liked so I added a banded cuff to the bottom of the arms.

I’m not sure if it is possible to see the pattern pieces over the pattern on this fabric but if you can see it it shows how little fabric I have left over from this pattern. I managed to fit the cuff pieces into the section to the left of the left hand main cuff section so I still have a medium sized chunk left for something else.

This is turning into my favourite jumper of the moment It seems to go with everything and is very very comfy. I used to think that this kind of style with kimono sleeves wasn’t that flattering as they create folds under the arms but I have been giving up on that thinking as they are so comfy.


5 thoughts on “Sweater Knit Aberdeen Jumper

    1. Pippa Post author

      yeah its really nice that it goes with lots of things, I’m trying to make my wardrobe more coordinated.

  1. Dartmoor Yarns

    Lovely sweater. I layer a lot too, because of the cold, but right now I’m struggling with the fandom of it and hoping for some nice warm weather when I can get down to a mere one or two layers 🙂 Fell like I’ve been layering far too long this winter.


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