Sunday Sevens #16

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Welcome to this weeks instalment of Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, posting 7 photos of your week that wouldn’t warrant blog posts of their own.

The start of this week has somewhat set the tone for the week with a trip to the health centre at boots for a blood test. My body still doesn’t like giving up blood so I’m quite a hard person to find veins on, and it needed to be repositioned. At least I didn’t end up having it taken from my wrist this time!

Tuesday nothing much happened until I got a call from my lovely BF asking what time the last bus ran as he was thinking of coming down. He got on a train about 20 mins later and about 5 hours after that he turned up 😀

I have decided to re Knit my 1898 headband a little narrower this time so Weds had some hospital knitting, waiting for a dermatology appointment to look at some moles on my arms and tell me if they were likely to be cancerous!

Following on from exuding the praises of Pret’s Cheese and Ham toastie last week and being encouraged that more would make me feel better I decided so see what Nero had to offer. It’s good but Pret is still #1 in my eyes.

Part of the week has been helping my nan clear out my granddads wardrobe so that it can be moved and we can move the bed over to make for easier access. This was one of the things I found in there. One of the others was a mini waterpistol!

I have made up yet another version of the Butterick B5997 pattern, this time with no sleeves and a darts. I modified the pattern to have a partial placket. (It still needs modification…)

You can tell it is getting close to me going back to ship I have cracked out my new steel toe caps (a Christmas present from my mother) to break them in and made some leather ‘cream’ for them. it needs to be a bit more liquid and they need a few more coats but it makes a nice change smell wise from the Tallow that I normally use!



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    1. Pippa Post author

      I did wonder if anyone would react like that. Sorry :p
      I’ll try not to post anything too gruesome this weekend.
      It is a lovely pattern, if I can fix the collar on it I will blog about my pattern adjustments soon.


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