“Sunday” Sevens #17

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Welcome to last weeks instalment of Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, posting 7 photos of your week that wouldn’t warrant blog posts of their own. Sorry its a bit late, I didn’t take my laptop back with me at the weekend and it is much harder to organise all of this on my mobile.

1 )   So last week I had the blood test and a consultation at the Hospital this week I had the follow up appointment to remove a mole (and another one thrown in for free). So here is me sporting my new improved version on the 1898 Hat  and a lovely dressing.

2 )    In an attempt to be able to wear my own makes more often I opted to add some more basics to my wardrobe. Here I am sporting a plain white Tee and both dressings :p

3 )    Additional wardrobe basics got produced in the form of a vest top! I have been planning something like this for ages but never really got round to it because of having to work out knit bindings. I think this method provided too thick a binding given the material.

4 )     Nothing special to show during the week really. Ed was here and we just spent most of the time chilling out at home. On Friday he left and I went back to Southampton, we both got the train from Poole together and I left him at Southampton Central where he had to change trains for the rest of his 5 hour journey! I felt surprisingly domesticated in the morning making packed lunch for us both. But saying goodbye was a bit sad as I won’t see him again for about 2 months at the minimum. 🙁

5 )    Nikki came and picked me up from Southampton town and we did a little bit of shopping which included Fabric Land as it always does. I just happened to match one of the bolts! I was good and refrained from buying more of that material… I did get others though.

6 )     When I was home Nikki decided that the house needed spring cleaning. Not going to lie I’m pretty sure that the house always goes through a section of looking worse for a while! Whilst talking about what needed doing to the house we decided that the under counter freezer that gave up the ghost last year needed replacing, and managed to find both a fridge and freezer on Gum Tree for 20 quid. Thankfully Nikki’s car is bigger than it looks inside!

7 )    Once we had picked them up we decided to stop at the beach we drove past on the way in and have 5 mins in the sunshine on the beach. It was very foggy out in the Solent still though! Southampton should be over there somewhere…

leigh on Solent

8 )    Since the Pelican is in Hythe at the moment for dry dock and most of my work clothes are in Southampton it made sense for me to pack and take my kit over there this weekend. I sorted through most of my clothes still in Soton and laid out the stuff for me to pack.

It would seem that my work wardrobe is almost entirely Blue and Turquoise! and lacks me made clothes…

9 )    More spring cleaning shots… Scrubbing the floor, replacing the fridge/freezer and Treating the table…


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