Sunday Sevens

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Welcome to this weeks instalment of Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, posting 7 photos of your week that wouldn’t warrant blog posts of their own.

So I am currently sat on the sofa in Southampton even though I should be back in Poole, curled up under a blanket feeling very sorry for myself… I have had quite a hectic weekend which has left me feeling very drained and that has let illness creep in. Let’s hope it disappears again soon.



At the beginning of the week I finished my brioche knit cowl off. I have been wearing it loads this week



I also added to my basic wardrobe staples by masking this pain white Renfrew t shirt. I have the fabric lined up for more basics



My parents came down on Thursday for a meeting with nan and the carers/social services. I asked my dad to help me have a look at one of my gutter downpipes that I thought might be slightly blocked... this is what came out!



I finally used some of my Christmas presents. I cast on the 4 ply that sewchet have me in my #stitchingsanta using my tiny circular needles that I have myself...



Going back to soton the bus was late so I missed the train I had been planning on getting, this ended up with me having enough time to go to the cafe in the station for the first time. I spotted this table which has the bottom section of an old treadle sewing machine as it's supports...



This isn't your usual night before the comp prep. I'm sewing the boob cups into Emma's dress and Nikki is rhinestoneing her dress... nothing like leaving things to the last minute



Despite me feeling like death warmed up all day on sat we actually managed to do quite well. We haven't practiced our novice routines some the nationals in march last year and I was ill, but despite that we managed to get into the final and came 4 th!



Mandatory medal selfie...



The Purple dresses got finished in time for this comp, thankfully... and the two of them looked great wearing them. They just need more rhinestones on them before the nationals in two weeks time...



Proof that we might have cut it a little bit fine to finish the dresses. I cut the hems on them about 20 mins before their first dance...

My aims this week are to get better and start thinking about what I need to pack for work etc.
To eat more healthily
And generally treat myself better…


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks, I’m still under the weather but feel like I might finally be on the mend again. Hopefully.
      Yeah the blockage came as a bit of a shock, I still need to finish sorting it out!

  1. Sheila

    Great photos of the dance costumes but I had to laugh about the last minute adjustments – when we got married three years ago, I was sat at the kitchen table at 10pm the night before re-making the button loop band at the back of the lace jacket I had made as it was too big!

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol, yes we are not unused to last minute adjustments, or makes for that matter. The red 2piece that Nikki used to dance in was only requested 3 days before the comp that it was needed for! At least we had more warning this time! 😀


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