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Last week I didn’t have a very productive week, at least it didn’t feel like that, thank you to everyone who told me that they thought I had been productive. It made me think about what aims we set for ourself. Within the sewing/blogging community it can be very easy to see other people churning out garments one after another and feel like you are letting the side down…

It is hard for me as for a number of months each year I don’t have access to my sewing machine, but for the other months I have it 24hours a day with no job or kids to get in the way. Sometimes I end up getting sewn out and just can’t face the machine during these periods as I have done too much consecutively… Oh the curses of a creative hobby!

After last weeks dip (and a need to clear some space) I went through my google photo back up of everything taken on my phone last year and wrote down every Sewing (and Knitting) project I had documented.

And well the results surprised me!!


Renfrew: Blue Polkadot long sleeved
Renfew: Blue Short sleeved
Skirt: Dark Blue curtain fabric
Flourescent Orange Latin Shorts (Amy)
Midified Flou. Orange Latin Skirt (Amy)
Renfrew Jumper: Thin Black Jumper material
Renfew: Tribal knit fabric
Red Latin two Piece (Nikki)

Geneva: Pink + Black Underwear
PJ set: Tartan Sorbetto Top and Shorts
Fleece Jacket: Jade fleece based on renfrew pattern
Modified Black Rayon trousers to remove side pannel
Circle Skirt: Pure dance skirts, pastel poly cotton x14?



Abstract Maxi Skirt
Maxi Under skirt
Modified Red Top (removed sleeves and neckline)
Boxy top: Burgandy cotton
Boxy Top: Slub knit, beige
Boxy Top: Blue Rayon PJ top


Turquiose Sheath Dress New Look K6023
Nantucket Shorts: Trial in green flowery bed sheet
B5997: Butterick B5997, aqua Rayon with flowers
Aqua fit and flare dress
Raglan Renfrew: Green and White renfrew modified to raglan sleeves

Absract Skirt 5

Left and Middle, Wearable Muslin for New Look 6123, Right self drafted floaty top.




Geneva: Pink + Black

Leather Wallet (finished snaps at xmas)



Mended PJ Top (Boxy blue rayon)
Modified Yellow Ballroom Dress
Modified Nikki’s Ballroom Dress (took up hem)
Modified Pink Ballroom dress (took apart)
Astoria: Purple Ponte Knit
Aberdeen: Pink flowery Tshirt knit

Astoria Cardigan: Blue sweat shirt material
Oslo: Beige Sweater knit
Oslo: Blue Sweater Knit (Nikki)
Latin Skirt: Blue and Flou. Orange insert
House coat: Old blanket, flowery sheet and knit fabric


So our friend Aneesa decided that she had never had a chance to wear a proper ballroom dress so tried on 'Belle'. Much twirling ensued.

Aberdeen - Flowery 6
Oslo - 1


Muslin for raglan sleeved top (simplicity 1202)
Bath Ball Dress: Muslin for top x2
Bath Ball Dress: Final in Black Crepe Knit

Sophia Skirt: Blue damask pattern curtain fabric
Green Flowery pouches x3
Drawstring bags x5
Mini Ikea Bag, Oil cloth and Flower fabric
Burda Cape: Started cape for Christmas Present (Nikki)
Oslo: Black Sweater Knit Fabric (Mum)
PJ Shorts: Pink Tartan flannel (Nikki)
Pj Trousers: Pink Tartan flannel (Nikki)
PJ Top: White John Lewis offcut (Nikki)
Aberdeen: Black Chevron Embossed Fabric

Sunday Sevens 4 (1)
Aberdeen - Black 3

I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised about the number of things that I have produced in 2015, especially since I appear to not have touched my machine from March to June! I am also quite surprised about the number of things that were sewn for other people, mostly family, but not all.

I am also pleased about the number of items of clothing that I made that get regular use. Compared to prior to this relatively few items have been discarded or just not used. I am trying to be more discerning in what I produce…

Here is to an equally (if not more) productive 2016!


And here is a shot of my bath ball dress as I haven’t shown it off yet and I feel I really should :-p

20151128_233357 (2)


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