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*Warning Picture heavy post*

I have subscribed to Seamwork since about issue 3 but tbh I haven’t actually made that much from it, but everything I do make seems to be made in multiples. The Geneva pants have been made countless times, I ended up having to make an Oslo for both Nikki and my Mum after they saw mine, I made up the Astoria for myself and then hacked the pattern to make a cardigan. Recently I’m on an Aberdeen kick despite the fact I wasn’t the biggest fan of it when I first made myself one and tbh as it is drafted I’m still not the biggest fan but a few small tweaks and its very nice.

This is the problem with the V- backed top and my normal bras. This might work for some people but not really me.

This is the problem with the V- backed top and my normal bras. This might work for some people but not really me.

My first version was in a light slinky flowery jersey fabric and feels lovely I just find the V-neck is a bit too deep for me and the back V-neck is very awkward (which I should have thought about before I made it as I almost always wear halter back bra’s and have had this problem before when I made a V-backed top!).

Aberdeen - Flowery 7 Aberdeen - Flowery 5
Aberdeen - Flowery 4 Aberdeen - Flowery 3
Aberdeen - Flowery 6

In these photos I have turned up the front hem so that it goes straight across rather than dipping like the back does. I found it way too long before.

The second version was for Nikki as a PJ top, so I traced round my pattern pieces modifying it to a scoop neck then cut the pattern down to an XS and traced it out with a scoop neck. I made this up in a lovely slinky knit from the John Lewis remnants bin and bound the neck line with some left over pink jersey from another project. *I actually don’t have any photos of this as I was making it as a surprise and I knew Nikki had access to all the photos backed up from my phone…

Over Christmas I cut out and made myself a version with cuffs from a thin jumper/thick T-shirt material with embossed chevrons on it, as a light weight jumper. I have been wearing this one almost non-stop since I made it (although the neck line was a bit high, and the cuffs a little narrow). I also cut the front straight across to make the front hem line higher.

Aberdeen---Black-2 Aberdeen - Black 3
Aberdeen - Black 1 Aberdeen - Black 4

As I write this it is in a wash and I have made myself another version, this time in a sweatshirt knit, which I am now wearing (all be it with out finishing any hems or the neckline, I was worried that the change in material would result in the cuffs being too narrow despite me adding more width).

I have now hemmed the cuffs an bottom hem, which makes them look a tad wavey but have yet to source some ribbing to finish the neck line. This sweat shirting doesn’t have any where near the amount of stretch needed for a binding.

Aberdeen - Grey 3

I need to remember to reduce the width of the neckline next time!

Looking back on the photos it is amazing the difference that the fabric used makes. The slinky Tshirting is nice to wear but does look and feel big on me. The thicker material is much nicer in this pattern/size. So I think if I make another T-shirt version, which I’m sure I probably will I will think about going down a size. Oddly I also think the cuffs look better than without cuffs as this was one of the bits that I didn’t really like about the pattern in the first place…


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