The #StitchingSanta I sent out

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So you have already seen the wonderful presents that I received from my Stitching Santa buddies and Becki from Dartmoor Yarns showed you what I sent her, but my other present hasn’t been blogged about and just on the off chance you have all been there waiting on tenterhooks so see what goodies I sent out I thought I would show you.

I will point out I received a lovely thank you card from Susanna, so I’m not suggesting I got ignored I just wanted to show off some photos…

Stitching santa

I made some pouches that can be used as makeup pouches or for anything you want really. You can see them in the above photo in a lovely purple and green flower print.

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I knitted a colourwork headband in a lovely Red and White combination, but couldn’t get it to lie flat properly so it ended up being lined with fleece which I think made it even better. 🙂

red head band

I also made a cup cozy similar to this one for one of the girls at the Adventure Under Sail office.

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A Christmas Stocking Ornament with a cute little tree on it.

Mini Christmas Stocking

A selection of buttons from my Grandma’s stash.
I found this delightful book on fashion illustrations in a local charity shop and thought it might be appreciated.
I also included some fabrics, a nice bird print from John Lewis which is quite a heavy weight ( I was thinking bag material possibly) and some other thickish vintage fabric from a local charity shop along with some matching/complimentray lining fabric.
I also included a home made Lip balm, and a hot chocolate sachet and some mini marshmallows for a nice drink when opening it.

By the sounds of the card the gifts have been enjoyed, I even got complimented on how well the bags were made, which is always nice to get a compliment from a fellow sewer. I did spend a while trying to work out a decent way to make them lined and I think I might have cracked it. I even took photos during their construction so I can post a bit about their construction later.

I think posting this means that Christmas is finally over, I’m not sure whether to be happy about this or not!


2 thoughts on “The #StitchingSanta I sent out

  1. Dartmoor Yarns

    Now I’m feeling like badun for not writing you a note. Mind I almost emailed a million times, but you know how Christmas/new year goes. I wonder if lining your band you knitted that you think’s too big for you will help?

    1. Pippa Post author

      Oh no don’t worry. I know how busy Christmas can be and I wasn’t at that address anyway. It took me a while to get the card, I had to wait for Nikki to come and see me as I still use her address for most of my mail as I don’t know how long I’ll be living here for.


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