Happy New Year

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Happy New Year everyone.

2015 has gone way too quickly, when I started thinking about what has happened this year I decided that not much had happened but soon changed my mind when I actually thought about it, mostly when I looked back through my photos on my Google backup.

The year started fairly slowly, NYDay walk on Dartmoor, then nothing much else, just some dancing competitions till March when I started working on the Pelican again taking the ship into dry dock in Shoreham. Then a number of trips across the channel (and some playing with rescue helicopters), then yet more sailing/maintenance, the Pelican has not been very healthy this year and needs to go into dry dock in the next few months to get a new engine (and are currently fund-raising for it).

The pattern went on for a while, more dancing, more sailing and maintenance having to splice the main brace when it snapped and circle around in Falmouth Bay whilst the compass adjuster checked our compass.

The Summer consisted of Yacht sailing and two fantastic friends of mine getting married, family gatherings and lots of country walks! It is so nice to be able to do these things, which I had pointed out to me by my mother after one particularly arduous day of walking, there was a time not too many years ago I would never had made the walk as my knees could not cope with the exertion.

Late Summer was more sailing this time we went to Bournemouth Air Show and Dartmouth Regatta, we also saw the goodbye flyby from the RNSAR helicopters when we were in Falmouth.

It was only come Autumn when the crafting and sewing came back with force, mending a number of ballroom dresses and taking on a knitting project from my Grandma, I also made a number of Christmas presents this year and participated in the #StitchingSanta gift swap. This probably centred around the fact that I moved to Dorset to be next to my Grandparents to help them with day to day living and had very limited Internet, No TV and don’t know anyone in the Village, lots of time on my hands means I feel I need to make things.

Thank You to Everyone who has made this year what it is. Here is a short (~5min video of a selection of the photos that sum up the year for me)


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