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We tend to have a routine over the festive period. Christmas with my parents and one set of grand parents,  this year my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for boxing day.
My mother’s friends came over after that for a few days as normal. Then it’s just the wind down to new years eve.
We always go for a walk on Dartmoor sometime after Christmas,  normally after New Year but the weather doesn’t look promising then.


So this year we went out on New Years Eve to get some fresh air and it was certainly breezy.


The weather forcast suggested that we had until midday before the weather turned so we nipped out to Hay Tor as we knew we could get to the Tor and back quickly as the car park is situated close to the rocks


When we left the car we saw the couple in the car next to us seeming to be having a picnic in the car and commented how that was probably a good idea but we went up any way.
A quick walk around the Tor then we attempted to walk back to the car which took a bit of a battle against the wind…
Once we got back to the car we decided that a picnic in the car was a good idea and drank the coffee/hot chocolate we brought. We also had to offer assistance to a lady in a neighboring car to get back into her car as her door was at risk of attacking her due to the high winds.


We had a lovely walk but the rain kicked in pretty soon after we got to the car and bucketed it down with hail. Lovely British weather.



2 thoughts on “Post Christmas traditions

  1. Dartmoor Yarns

    The Moor is so beautiful, but yes, when the weather is unkind it’s a mare. As you know we live on the other side of the moor, but I’ve been sticking with the sheltered bits and avoiding the tors for ages with the weather being so hideous.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yes it can be lovely. Last years walk was brilliant weather this year not so much. It’s been very damp this winter. The stream is up and flooding again today, but thankfully the house is much higher up than the bottom of the garden.


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