“Sunday” Sevens #7

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Iseem to be making a habit of posting these on a Monday here is the New Year period Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins a day late…


Testing the Wind strength

Our short walk on Dartmoor in the high winds produced a few interesting poses. Nikki is trying to see how strong the wind is here!


hand stitching the cape

The last few hand stitches on Nikkis cape. So happy that the end is in sight!



New years champagne toast and Selfie…



NYE games produced a lot of laughs and a few unexpected words. I’m pretty sure that isn’t how you spell it!



My mother was very happy with her boot toppers, she just needs to find a good way to put them on with out them being sucked into the wellies a bit.


Vintage shop

Shopping in Totnes is always great fun and the vintage store is no exception look at all those summer dresses and tweed jackets!



The problem with cooking for more than one person in my house is I run out of baking sheets/trays. When in doubt cook scampi in a muffin tray

I hope you are having a good time now getting back to reality, now is a time for reflection on the past year and the year to come and I am hoping to recap some of the crafty things I have done in 2015 and put forward some aims/resolutions for 2016, soon.


2 thoughts on ““Sunday” Sevens #7

  1. Natalie: Threads & Bobbins

    Haha – I looked at your scampi and wondered why on earth you would be portioning it! I may have to pinch that method of cooking as I also seem to run out of baking trays a lot! Looks like you’ve had a great post – Christmas week 🙂

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol yeah its a good idea if what your cooking will fit in it, I’m not sure it would have worked quite so well with the chips…
      It has been a good week, but back home now and seem to be struggling a bit to get over it all. I think I wore myself out more than I thought I did. Oh well all in the name of Family.


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