#StitchingSanta Knitting Version

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In addition to the Sewing Stitching Santa I also entered the Knitting one, and I’m glad I did because making things for Becki at Dartmoor Yarns was such fun, I loved looking through her blog and finding a new blog to follow 🙂


#stitchingsanta 2

I had a great time opening the present that I received for my knitting parcel, the outside of the package was a little damaged when it arrived but everything was nicely packed in bubble wrap and individually wrapped so no peeking was possible 🙁 lol.


#Stitching Santa Knitting

The parcel in its entirety I’m such a lucky girl 🙂





This lovely card came inside the parcel, (I wish I had the patience to make my own Christmas cards!) with a small poem explaining the presents.

I am intrigued as to what jumper inspired the cowl ( I will have to go back through my own blog to find out :p), Red is not a colour I often wear but this is soo snuggly that I will have to find a way to make it work 🙂


I made hand warmers for some presents for but never got round to making any for myself so these will be useful.

I am going to have to find a way to use the lovely wool, it is soo soft and squishy.


We went out into Totnes on Sunday and wore a lot of my gifts.

Thanks very much to Sheila for a wonderful selection of gifts and also for organising the swap itself.


4 thoughts on “#StitchingSanta Knitting Version

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah they are all so lovely. It’s a colour that I can wear I’m just not used to wearing. I will just have to put wearing brighter colours as part of my new years resolution.

  1. Sheila Harvey-Larmar

    Red is my favourite colour as I find it so bright and cheery, although I appreciate it is too bold for some!! I went way back into your blog when researching for the #stitchingsanta but can’t remember exactly where the photo is of you wearing that jumper – it was underneath a coat, I think. I hope some of the gifts will prove wearable and look forward to seeing what you make with the yarn. Thanks again for taking part:)

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