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Nikki has been holding down the fort here recently but I’m back now, my stint on the Pelican is over for a few more months so I shall be back home for longer periods now and as with every time I return home I have started creating To Do lists of the things that need to be completed during my time off…

To Start with there are boring things like:

All the Washing

Cleaning and re-aranging my room to make the most of the small space

Fixing the Electricity Meter,
and the Radiator,
and the Fence…

And some less boring:

Keeping on the top of all the new plants,

Earthing up the potatoes,

Staking the beans,

Regularly feeding the plants growing in pots.

Drying Lemon Balm for teas.

Making a sourdough starter

making a Peg bag for the new washing line.

Make a Cafetiere cozy for my 1 cup Cafetiere 

Currently I’m home alone so have been keeping an eye on the garden and catching up on cleaning the house. I have the fun task of a dentists appointment this afternoon 🙂 But hopefully I will belatedly celebrate my birthday with the other half tomorrow (I can hope)


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