Making time for sewing

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Reading Sewaholics post about making time for different hobbies and being sat here reading blogs early in the morning thinking that I need to get up and do things I think that I’m going to have to follow in Anneke’s footsteps and start scheduling in my time more…

To be able to do this I need to work out what it is that I want to do in my free time this summer. So far I have thought that I want to plug the holes in my wardrobe that I have recently identified, I want to make a summer dress and some shorts. I also need more smart casual T-shirts, I either have bog standard tight T-shirts or posh silk tops, no casual baggy tops or ones that would carry over into the evening (I just need to find a style that suits me now!)
I quite like the idea of going for something that is a bit more boxy rather than the Renfrew that I always make as my standard T-Shirt, although I will have to spend time fitting anything else that I decide to use.

Although since I have seen lots of tops in shops recently which look like the sorbetto with out the middle pleat and I think I have finally sorted out my fit issues with this top I might have to make some up as summer tops.

Primark Blue printed Top there is a whole wall of tops like this in my local Primark

I also need to put some time aside to finish my jumper, I have got one sleeve finished, I need to start the second sleeve and add extra length to the body, but to do this I might have to buy more wool! 🙁

Please excuse just how tired I look in this photo!

 I also need to make a case for my new Laptop ( 😀 ) , and a stuff sack for my sleeping bag I am also thinking of trying to make a silk “blanket” to top my sleeping bag with for those cold nights on the yachts.

Lots of things to do with my life atm but I’m off to my Nans at the moment so watch this space as Nikki and I are likely to come back with all sorts of goodies like fabric or wool.


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