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Well I Am officially zonked out after a very long but very productive day.
This morning I was up around 0730 which is early for me… And I made myself a skirt to go under my newly converted maxi skirt (from a dress), out of some white viscose material from my local Fabric Land, which is fantastic as it stops my maxi skirt from clinging as much as it did before. 🙂

After this Nikki decided that we needed to take all the shelving out of the under stairs cupboard, as we are in the process of giving this a makeover. So there I was this morning testing out my new underskirt with the maxi skirt hammering the shelves out!

Once it was all out we sat down to lovely home cooked Leek and potato soup whilst working out what exactly we needed to buy from ikea.

Before going out I decided to modify a tshirt of mine to see of it fit better. So Nikki found me cutting the sleeves off my top as she wanted to leave…

Returning from ikea I had a lot of shelving to paint and Nikki started painting the cupboard itself. I finished helping her at 2230 and went on to draw up a pattern for the tshirt I had been wearing today (removing some of the excessively wide neck line)


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