Time flies…when you’re organising things

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Wow. It really has been quite a long time since I have posted on the blog…

This last year has been a little crazy and hectic at times. I am coming to the end of my year as the President of our Ballroom and Latin society, and I will definitely miss it! But I won’t necessarily miss *all* of the organisation that has gone along with it.

Since November we have hosted our own competition in Southampton, and then attended  6 competitions across the country; in Bath, Norwich, Bristol, Farnborough, a weekend in Blackpool, back to Bristol again. 

I personally chaired the organisation of the competition in Farnborough where we had over 500 competitors come together for a jam packed day of competing. But it was a thorough success! =)

All of the shiny trophies at Farnborough

Around the same time we were involved in our annual dance show, PureDance. This year we had 3 slots and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to choreograph all of the routines myself… so we had about 3 months of rehearsals 3 times a week. I think I was just constantly either dancing, choreographing or organising dancing!

But all the effort and more than a dose of stress definitely all paid off and we had 3 fabulous looking routines, and we got the chance to showcase our ballroom properly for the first time in PureDance!

PureDance 2015

Some other exciting things that have happened this year include me getting a Ballroom dress!! =) I am still planning on making my own one, but I decided that I wouldn’t have enough time to make one before the dance season started. It is so shiny and I love the shaping of it. 

The skirt on it is unfortunately a little too long, I think it has stretched the bodice under all of the weight (I think I measured 15m+ of hem at the bottom), so when I get the time I will be taking that up a bit. Not sure that my sewing machine will appreciate that…

I also have made myself another latin dress, which I will post all about soon hopefully. 

On a non-dancing note (mostly only now that the dancing has quietened down) I am starting to focus back on the house and having a real purge of stuff in the house; clothes, books, old notes, cooking equipment, I’m planning on going through all of it and making sure it’s all much better organized and that in general I just have less stuff. 

I completed painting the lounge (a while back now really…) but I think it looks soooo much nicer now, definitely more inviting. 

Hopefully I will get back into the swing of blogging again more regularly now. 



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