Photo organising

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I tend to find that a lot of the time I either forget to take photos, or I take photos and they end up hidden somewhere, either on my phone or deep in a folder forgotten on my computer.

But I have decided that it would be quite nice to actually look at my photos more often. There are such a lot of memories that come back to you when you see photos and I definitely don’t look at them enough.
Last year when I was back at my parents I spent a weekend scanning in old photo albums as I was planning on making an album with a selection of the best photos. However my Dad decided to helpfully delete the whole album from dropbox… Luckily for him technology has decided that it would backup the photos (through a whole roundabout process) and somehow they ended up on my google drive! I was very relieved…I didn’t particularly relish the idea of spending another weekend scanning photos. Plus there are some wonderfully cringey photos on there…and a reminder that I was a lot cuter when I was younger. 
(although I have unfortunately discovered that the backed-up quality isn’t particularly high, but potentially I can select a number of photos that I like to re-scan)
I even still have that bedding around somewhere…
So I am going to attempt to create a number of collages of photos from various things; dancing, trips abroad, uni, school, craft projects etc. 
I have used a few photo sites previously but I’m hoping that fotor, which I came across last week will be straight forward and fairly quick to use. It’s pretty easy to spend numerous hours trying to edit a couple of photos, and since I have thousands of photos which I could be sorting through, I don’t have that sort of time to give to it…
I also want to look at getting some of my own photos printed so that I can hang them around my house. Some of my photos, and a number of Pippa’s travelling photos are excellent, probably some of them are actually far better than the prints that you can buy from a lot of shops. Plus the photos will mean far more to us because they will be somewhere that we have actually been. 

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