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Well the last week has been a little bit crazy leading up to our annual end of year dinner dance which I was organising this year. I was making presents for my committee and some macarons for the raffle prizes which was fun and they looked really cool but they took quite a long time to do…

A recent cake I made for the end of our year as committee. It was a triple layer cake with vanilla, toffee and chocolate layers, with layers of vanilla frosting and chocolate frosting separating the layers, all topped with toffee marshmallow fondant and chunks of toffee to finish. 
It was very tasty and got finished up pretty quickly…

Macarons! Mini macarons this time. I am really impressed with the macaron trays that I bought, they make piping out the macarons so much easier, and I find they don’t tend to spread too crazily, so you end up with much more uniform macarons in the end.
Although I still need to perfect my recipes when I add flavourings, but that just means I’ll have to make some more macarons, I don’t think people will complain too much. 

Cupcakes! These are cupcakes that I made for my committee, chocolate cupcakes with nice pretty frosting and sugar decorations, and to finish it all off I topped each cake with a mini macaron (which were coloured blue to match)

Macarons! Normal sized ones as well. Unfortunately my chocolate ones were a little bit ruined by too much cocoa powder falling in the mix, so instead I had to use macarons which were from my test batches, so they weren’t quite so pretty, but still really tasty. They were all packaged up nicely in cellophane and it looked really professional. =)
And this is what my cupcakes looked like when they were finished, I put them in nice cupcake boxes and finished them off with varying shades of blue ribbon in curls. (and a far prettier photo from Pippa than the ones that I took)
Place cards that I made for the dinner dance, each person’s card had their food choices printed on the back to help the catering staff and help when people inevitably forgot what food they had chosen. Actually quite straightforward in the end and my first foray into the world of mailmerge. 

I also made a carrot and sweet potato cake for my grandmothers 90th birthday. It was an attempt at a slightly different low sugar cake and I think it turned out wonderfully. It was really tasty and I think I’ll have to make it again. 
And pippa made some lovely dimanted pegs to hold our table numbers, can’t have a dancing event without a little bit of glitz and sparkle.

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