Weekly Roundup: 13th April

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We went to Ikea again and bought some flooring to put down in the downstairs toilet as an extra layer between our toes and the cold terracotta tiles. It will also hopefully stop it being as damp in there

New Flooring

Nikki baked Creme Egg Brownies.


The recipe was posted on Thursday, and we have been doing some blog ‘spring cleaning’ and have updated our Tutorial and Recipes pages to be nicer to look at and easier to find things so go and check them out and pick up this yummy recipe whilst you are there…

Nikki baked strawberry and almond traybake, and I finally tried the cooked ham hocks that Sainsbury’s do for dinner. It was wonderful and there was more than enough for three of us for dinner and leftovers for me the next day 🙂


I volunteered at BHF again for the afternoon and came back with two new tops… Nikki left to stay at her other half’s parents for the weekend.
My other half went home today as well leaving me home alone to find a suitable pattern for this lovely material in my stash:


Home alone on Friday I caught up with some blog posts and general organisation, before deciding to create a pattern for this peasant blouse that I wanted to produce. Shortly after I finished drafting the pattern I got invited out for drinks. Would there be enough time to make up the top to wear out that evening…

Well apparently there was, although the sleeves need adjusting to remove the poofyness:

I did some more organising which resulted with me being sidetracked by a WIP so i spent a lot of time sewing up the bodice on that.
Also all this cleaning must be having some affect on me as I ended up ironing a set of curtains! but couldn’t put them up as the tension rod was too small for my window 🙁 

So I treated myself to another version of the peasant blouse with modified sleeves. I’m loving these ‘instant gratification’ projects and also the practical wearable additions to my wardrobe.


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