Fabric Sneak Peak

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So we have quite a projects in the works at the moment, but since they won’t be completed for a little while we thought we would give you a little taster of some of the things that will be coming up soon. So here are some of the fabrics that have projects planned and in progress in our sewing room at the moment.

Some of them I will tell you what I have lined up for them, other ones it will be a little bit more of a surprise… wouldn’t want to reveal it all in one go now would we?

Just look at all those lovely fabrics waiting to be used!

Here is a photo of all of the fabrics we have lined up for projects at the moment. You can definitely see that we are leaving winter behind us with the brighter colours that we have chosen for our fabrics. No muted fabrics any more, spring and summer palette here we come!

Some silk ready to turn into a lovely robe

Here is a lovely blue silk which Pippa picked up from Fabricland. It has a lovely light floral pattern in it which has a slight Japanese appearance. 

This is going to make an appearance soon as a robe, so keep an eye out for the post describing it being made.

Me in leopard print? Wouldn’t have seen that coming.

Now one of my fabrics. I would definitely not have said I was ever a person to wear leopard print, but this is such a lovely fabric. 
It’s a polyester/spandex blend which I went for as a matt alternative to Lycra but it still has a nice stretch.
This will be used in my dress series, I have some exciting plans for it using new techniques I’ve never done before!

a little bit more silk

Another silk here for Pippa, she is definitely in a bit of a silk mood at the moment, although this one is a much lighter fabric than the one above. I’m sure it will be a little bit of a pain to work with but I think it will give some lovely results for the slightly warmer weather we will hopefully get this summer.

oh look, more flowery fabric…

Floral is clearly very ‘in’ at the moment in our fabric choices. This one is a lovely t-shirting material, but with a bit more of a stretch.

It feels wonderfully soft and hopefully it will make a good top which will move nicely. (I also have my eye on this in a brown/beige combination)

Something without flowers on it!

Well this doesn’t look like the most exciting fabric in the world, although I guess they can’t all be flowery… But this is a very nice piece of fleece material which is going to be turned into some eco-friendly face wipes!

Now that we’ve started using them more we definitely need something we can re-use!

and the final fabric in this sneak peak… yes it is more flowers… But I just had to buy this when I was in Fabricland the other day. 

It’s a gorgeous t-shirting material which I will happily be turning into a beach cover dress which I will be able to wear over my bikini (when we actually get some bikini weather… maybe I’ll just have to go on holiday to make sure I can get some use out of it…)

So there you have a sneak peak into some of the fabrics that will be coming up in our projects soon. I have to say I didn’t really quite how much floral fabric there was until I put this post together. But all of the fabrics look lovely so I can’t wait to get started with the projects!

We should have some posts up soon showing progress/finished projects using all these fabrics! 


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