Weekly Roundup: 6th April

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Sitting on a train far too early in the morning the day after my other half comes back from skiing is not my perfect idea of a Sunday. Especially as I know he is still curled up in my bed. 
But life calls, I’m on my way to Woolwich for the first meeting regarding the Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta in the summer. Which gives me time to round up what happened in the rest of the week.
Monday: not much happened on Monday, it was the first day of the uni easter holidays so the first time Nikki had Monday evening off in a long time…
Tuesday: This was the day I started cutting into some new fabric with a vintage pattern with some of the largest sleeve pattern pieces I have ever seen! This will hopefully be completed soon which will mean lots of pictures from it. Although I did get this gem from google since it was April Fool’s day. xD

Wednesday: Currently on weds and Thursdays I volunteer in a charity shop. So today consisted of some more sewing of my top and then into town to spend the afternoon sorting clothes and serving customers. Since I have started working at BHF I have found a few gems, today I came back with a brand new pair of work trousers (thick Blue workman’s trousers not nice office trousers) a book and an old Radley handbag which needs some work but should buff up nicely in time.

What a bargain =)
Thursday: Again in the charity shop but before work I took some bags of donations down and then looked around the other charity shops to check out the vintage patterns etc. 
A bit of drama today as one of the university’s building sites in town caught fire and you could see the smoke from Portswood! We Def spent a lot more time today listening to the radio to find out what had happened… (thankfully it doesn’t seem to have caused too much damage)
I bought a lovey floaty patterned top and a cross body bag today. Volunteering is not going to be good for my bank balance I think!
top and bag both from charity shops
the smoke from down in town
I went into town and Nikki joined me for the afternoon. Basically we
had a big run round ikea getting stuff to organise the house, I also
found my perfect bedding, shame I already have lots… The evening was
spent putting some of that stuff into place and organising Nikki’s
closest, ruthlessly throwing away unused clothes and shoes. You can see
some of the progress in our post from yesterday Spring Cleaning: The start
Nikki hiding in the IKEA purchases
How perfect would this be!?
Saturday: was spent tidying, almost accidentally. Doing some blog housekeeping I put my bed clothes on to wash and decided that that was a good time to rotate my mattress! It turned out this is not a job I can do by myself! We Then decided that under the bed needed cleaning and that it was time to store the winter duvets so they are now under my bed. This lead to more cleaning and throwing out lots of old paperwork and university notes.
To put it into perspective we never normally throw out more than 4/5 carrier bags of rubbish and a small amount of recycling a week and currently a day after the rubbish was last collected both our or wheelie bins are half full!
squishy new duvet, let’s hope it is super snuggly….

Sunday:  Well as I said at the start of this post I spent today in London, but Nikki got some more tidying done. Definitely rather exhausting stuff. She did manage to get the shopping done, buying a new duvet as well (we discovered we only had one double summer duvet yesterday…), have a coffee in Portswood and get home all before lunchtime. It would have been earlier but it was a sunday, so the shops don’t open early. But it meant a little relaxation before some tidying…

All organised! 
This involved some reorganisation of the medical supplies. Now they are all sorted into what type they are, so much easier and they take up so much less space! This afternoon is going to have more fabric organisation… Fingers crossed it goes well.

Nikki & Pippa

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