Time flies

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Wow time really does fly by without you even realising it. These last few months have been a little bit crazy with University however I am now finished!! My last set of exams have come and gone and this month it will be time for my graduation. =) 
I can’t wait to get to wear the robes and mortar board, so exciting.

However on the less exciting front I managed to break my finger which has pretty much put a stop to all of my planned summer activities. Luckily I can still type (just about) but I can’t write, or sew or even cook for very long at all, and I have to have my finger in a splint for at least 6 weeks 🙁

But hopefully it won’t stop me from getting back on my bike after the splint has come off, since I have a nice shiny new bike which I was planning to use lots over the summer. But it might be a little scary because I did break my finger whilst cycling…

The other thing that has changed loads is everyone moving back home after university, which is quite sad. I’ve met loads of awesome people these last 4 years, and now the majority of them have moved away. Luckily there are still a few people around permanently, but I know I’m definitely going to miss my friends that have moved away. Lets hope they miss the place as well and come back to visit a lot. 

Now I have to decide what to do with my life, I will have a first class honours degree in Chemistry, but I am probably going to go into a graduate program to research for a PhD. Then I will get to be a doctor! (Albeit in many years)

I do wish sometimes that I could just wind back the clock a few years and not have to worry about decisions which are going to impact the rest of my life. I could just go off travelling somewhere and ignore everything else…

Somewhere like this would be lovely. Unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t have the resources to fund the travel I would love to do. Maybe another day…


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