My Latin Dress: Colour Schemes

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Well I talked about my inspiration in My Latin Dress: Inspiration and the proposed design in My Latin Dress: Design, so now I have to work on the colours I want, and how they work with the fabrics I’m looking for… 

So I spent an awfully long time on different websites and ebay. The main ones I looked at were 
DSI – London a company which sells fabric and accessories as well as making couture dresses (including some which are used on Strictly Come Dancing) and
Chrisanne a similar company selling fabrics and dancewear.

We actually get a discount from DSI as I am a university student, so hopefully that will make anything I find with them a bit more affordable. The prices of the materials from these companies are fairly expensive, but they are extremely good quality, probably worth a bit of investment.

Colour choice:

Well our university team colour is Turquoise, so normally when I look at dancewear I always go for something with a Turquoise colour. But for this fringe dress I decided I didn’t want it to be all one colour but instead to have a colour gradient down the dress. 

Which gives me a lot of options… 
Turquoise –> White
Turquoise –> Purple
Turquoise –> Dark blue
Turquoise –> Green
Turquoise –> Pink
and pretty much any other combination you can think of…

So this is the colour range available in the 15cm fringe from DSI

and this is the colour range of 15cm fringe from Chrisanne. (It also includes the metallic fringes)

But I actually fell in love with the Jade fringe colour so went away from it being turquoise at all:

Which unfortunately only comes from Chrisanne. But I did a colour mock up in photo shop to see how the different colours might mesh together…
Settling on the following colours:
Jade – Chrisanne
Amythest – DSI
Purple – DSI
So the dress should hopefully look something like this:
I looked to see if I could find a leotard in the jade colour but I decided the likelyhood of actually managing to get one in a design I liked and matching the colour perfectly wasn’t very high. So instead I would go for a nude leotard base, since none of the colours will clash with that. 
Actually finding the leotard was an effort in itself. I tried a number of different dance websites but actually settled for a leotard from American Apparel as it had the halterneck and low back that I was looking for.
Now to wait for the supplies to arrive and then hopefully I can get stuck into making the dress! =)


2 thoughts on “My Latin Dress: Colour Schemes

  1. Debbie Smith

    Hi I was looking to buy some fringe it is a purple color just like the very first one on your color chart. Do you just sell fringe? If so, let me know I need to redo a dress i already bought because I don’t like the skirt on it so I’m replacing it with fringe. TY.


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