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Now I have to admit I can be a very bad student. I find it really hard to get in a totally focused state for revision, when I’m in one it’s great, but it’s rare. So I accompany my revision with watching tv programs…
Usually I try a crime program, and I usually get rather addicted. In my second year (spring) I watched the entirety of Bones (I think it was 8 series at the time), I have since watched the rest of the new series. I also read the books when I have the time.

Other exam periods I have watched CSI (the original, although I have watched quite a lot of the other series as well), NCIS, Criminal Minds, Rizzoli and Isles and Hustle.
But now I have my broken finger I have to say I spend an awful lot of time sat using my lovefilm subscription to watch entire series of new programs. I watched all of Castle which I thoroughly enjoyed, and now I’m half way through Lie to me.
I am definitely starting to run out of series that I know I want to watch, so I am going to have to start getting recommendations from everyone, otherwise this could be a very boring summer indeed…



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