Up till Christmas

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Wow how time is flying, only just over a week left to go and I really am not ready yet, so much packing still left to do… Here is a short run down of the first two legs of my voyage which will take me up to Christmas. 

When I join the Pelican in Las Palmas I will be sailing to Salvador in Brazil, this is predicted to take 29 days, in most of that time I am not likely to be seeing land. The only land I am likely to see is Las Palmas, Salvador and possibly the Cape Verde Islands, which I am really looking forward to as I have never been there before, having just missed out on going there in my transatlantic in 2007. 

I am also looking forward to spending that much time at sea out of sight of land and out of communication and having a good time decompressing and away from the internet based stimulations from Pinterest and the many blogs I follow.

After I leave Salvador I am then sailing to Punta Arenas in Chile, which is one of the only bits of Chile which is accessable from the Atlantic Ocean meaning that we don’t have to go around Cape Horn to get to Chile, which makes the voyage a bit easier as this is a notoriously hard bit of sailing to undertake. This leg of the voyage is suposed to take 37 days to complete and is the longest of the 7 legs that make up the sail training legs of the trip. The only leg not incuded in this is the expedition leg which sails from Punta Arenas to Rio and includes the time spent as a support vessel for the reenactment of Shackleton’s lifeboat mission from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

The first two legs on my trip take me on a long journey through the majority of the Atlantic Ocean, which is going to be such an amazing experience, not least since is means that a) I will be crossing the equator for the first time by boat but also b) that I will have sailed the majority of both North and South Atlantic latitudes, having sailed from the UK to the canaries during my previous transatlantic crossing.

All this time at sea is the reason I have decided to take up crochet again, and also have laid the foundation for a journal/art journal and am loading as many books onto my Tablet as possible.

Do you have any must read books, or music that I should be taking with me? Free/cheap if possible… 


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  1. Pippa @ BeadsAndBarnacles

    Life of Pi is a book I have never got round to reading, it was one that a few of my friends raved about in school.
    Reading the blurb I see what you mean about being appropriate for my voyage.
    It is now sitting on my kindle app waiting to be read…


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