Relaxing Weekend

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This weekend is going to be my last relaxing weekend before I join the Pelican which means that it is very likely to be the last relaxing weekend before Christmas… When on ship weekends dont really have much of a bearing on the daily routine, the ship still has to be sailed 24hours a day regardless of what common practice says about certain days being traditionally classed as days off.

So what did we do this weekend? We took the train over to Poole and went to see our grandparents and have a mini Christmas celebration for me as I am unlikely to be in the UK for Christmas this year, which in itself will be a first for me.
It was really nice to see our grandparents, who we don’t see as regularly as we should, despite living quite close to them it is roughly a 2 hour journey by public transport to see them, and now that Nikki is working in slough it is hard to find time to see them. It is traditional that we see them at Christmas spending a few days down there with my mums sisters family coming over for one day, either Christmas day or Boxing day, depending on their commitments.
It is also traditional that Nikki and I cook the Christmas meal, and this year will be the first year she will have to do it with out me. So good luck to her 😀 Although all the timetables for preparation and cooking times are kept from year to year and so are almost calculated already.

When we headed home and got off the bus outside Poole train station we had a few minutes to spare and a gorgeous sunset, so the only thing to do was take some pictures…


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