T – 2 weeks!

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Well today marks two weeks till my next big adventure. When I say big adventure I really mean life changing ‘holiday’
On the 16th I am going to fly to the canaries and from there I am sailing the Pelican of London to Salvador. Which in itself is a massive experience, but from there I then sail to Punta Arenas in Chile.
I am due to leave the ship on the 23rd of December. I still have to confirm my plans after Christmas but I could be flying to South Africa to see a friend of mine who emigrated out there about two years ago.
I am then back on ship in early March in Rio to sail to St Lucia in the Caribbean…
All of this is going to be an amazing experience but it means my stress levels are through the roof atm trying to get everything sorted before I leave. And see all my friends I won’t see for a long time, before I go.
I am planning a bigger update soon (with pictures) explaining a bit more about the boat and what she its doing in the time I will be in South Africa, as that is a very special expedition…
I’m now of to run around tescos like a headless chicken, although carefully as I just had my back clicked by my physio. Before sorting council tax and a dentists appointment! So very rock and roll here  🙂

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