No Comments on Numbness

I am currently battling with dentist induced numbness which has rendered the majority of my top lip useless, having had fillings done on teeth on both side of the top of my mouth in one sitting…

I have feeling back in my nose but at one point that had gone too. Annoying but notched worse I have ever had, when the temporary fillings was done before my root canal I was numb all the way up to my ear!

In other slightly better news, a last minute shopping trip for the little things I need for my trip and I came away from boots with this gem:

A bobble bottle with inbuilt water filter, 

Which is a bottle that filters the water as you drink it which could prove to be a genius invention if it can reduce the chloriney taste of water in Southampton. Some times when running a bath or having a shower it seems like you are at a swimming pool.
And also when on the boat the water that we drink is often made on board through reverse osmosis from sea water and has it’s own special taste so this could help to reduce that, although I don’t mind it too much there are people on board who can’t stand the taste.

I hope to be able to tell you how well it is working soon.


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