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Weekend Project {Heart Heat Pack}

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Well I am here for another Weekend Project, Shock Horror I made it back for a second week.  This week has been one where I have been hurting in various different ways split between my knees back and stomach so I have been very thankful for our house’s large supply of heat packs. Although currently my knee pack has been… Read more »


How Pinteresting…

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Check out this infographic on the hurricanes and tropical storms since 1851. Source: via Pippa on Pinterest This dress is a free pattern from the V&A museums website. How simply gorgeous is this: Source: via Pippa on Pinterest Check out this Dolman sleeved Tshirt Transformation. I have actually completed this one although the waist needs to be a… Read more »


Midnight cleaning

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Well my house mate had just returned from the middle of the Irish sea and woke me up which reminded me that I had not posted Tuesdays post apologising for the lack of travel Tuesday posts lately. Since Nikki got her job there has been little time for her to get these posts written. I am sad about this as… Read more »


Weekend Project {Stencilled Trousers} How To

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Weekend Project Stencilled Trousers

Ok so here we go with how to make the stencilled trousers. 1) Collect Supplies. make sure you have all your supplies, see the previous post for a list of these. 2) Make Your Stencil. If you are using a pre cut stencil you can skip these steps. I made my own stencil out of a sheet of plastic from… Read more »


Weekend Project {Stencilled Trousers}

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I have decided to try a new series on Beads and Barnacles called Weekend Projects.  Today I am going to run over the things needed to make these stencilled trousers and post a how to tomorrow.  These are more in depth than a lot of my projects and did take a few days to do. Partly because it took me… Read more »


100 +

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Well yesterday we reached one of our milestones, 100 blog posts published 😀 It has been a slow road to get here, and as the last few months proved not always very regular but here we are celebrating posting more than 100 posts.  Our aims for the next 100 posts? More communication: to try and write posts that produce more… Read more »


Upcycling sneak peak

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Now that I am back I have been missing my sewing machine and the ability just to start a project having a lot of the stuff here on hand. Well today I finished a project that I started before I went away and had planned to finish before leaving. Here is a sneak peak of it in all its glory: