Weekend Project {Heart Heat Pack}

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Well I am here for another Weekend Project, Shock Horror I made it back for a second week. 
This week has been one where I have been hurting in various different ways split between my knees back and stomach so I have been very thankful for our house’s large supply of heat packs. Although currently my knee pack has been misplaced hidden in piles of stuff I imagine. We have all sorts of sizes and shapes of heat pack my favourite of which are the cow toy with a hot stomach and my large flat rectangle which is good for lying on when my back hurts. 
But the cow can be a bit awkward because of the legs and head and the plain square needs to be held against the stomach and ends up heating up your hands/arms.
I decided to combine the good points of the two (stuffing and flatness) into a new design. Enter the padded heart heat pad:
Material, I used an old men’s shirt. 4x the size you want the heart to be.
Sewing machine + thread.
Needle to finish the project off.
Scraps to use as stuffing. (or real stuffing if you want)
See you tomorrow for the instructions. 

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