Midnight cleaning

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Well my house mate had just returned from the middle of the Irish sea and woke me up which reminded me that I had not posted Tuesdays post apologising for the lack of travel Tuesday posts lately.
Since Nikki got her job there has been little time for her to get these posts written. I am sad about this as it means that I will have to wait longer to find out what she really did on these trips.
Until she gets into a rhythm and stops filing her weekends with far too much stuff these will continue their hiatus.
Thought of the moment. When waking up unexpectedly in the middle of the night and swearing I heard the boiler turn on I had to go investigate…
When I realised it was my house mate returning I was surprised as had not expected him back. My next thought was oh goodness the house isn’t very tidy… So I had a short burst of tidying the kitchen.
Why is out you get more done on these random times than when you actually intend to clean?

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