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Well we all know that social media is where its at, at the moment… 
I thought I would take this opportunity to say where else you can find Beads and Barnacles on the web.

Facebook:  BeadsAndBarnacles

Pinterest: Pippa K

Instagram: beadsandbarnacles

I have yet to embrace twitter for use from the blog, I have an email address which I can be contacted on and FB. So currently I think its going to be more faff than its worth. Although correct me if I’m wrong. 
I also have yet to have a decent photo sharing account. I am on Google + but don’t really use this.
I am planning on sharing my Instagram photos to FB once I have worked out how to set it up to share to my Beads and Barnacles Page and not my personal account. (Does anyone know how to do this)

Come  by and find me on these other accounts. 
Let me know what your FB and Instagram accounts are 😀


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