Back in the Swing of Things…

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Life is slowly getting back to normal. 

Having got back from ship on Saturday evening I was kept up late by Nikki trying to sort out dresses for her next 3 balls! Then up early on Sunday to go racing, thankfully the wind kept up and meant that we had a decent race (so it was worth it). 
Then a our Performing Arts Union Ball on Sunday evening which had a lovely 3 course meal and some partying afterwards. I do have to admit to bowing out early as the week was catching up on me, but I had a really good time for the bit I was there for.
So it took me at least a day to recover from all of that. 
Last night I broke out the pliers and some wire and tried my hand at this writing in wire trend which has been around for a while.
Here are a few things I made, I think that as I get used to doing it more then I can make the lettering smaller which will help with making these suitable for things such as necklaces. 
Contrary to what it looks like this wire is actually green. This is the sturdiest of the words but I need to work on that ‘v’ a bit more I think!
This one needs work! It was the first one I did and needs to be made smaller now.
I think I like this one the most, I used a thinner gauge wire for it which makes it look a little more ‘classy’ ‘professional’. Since this photo was taken I have pinched together the top of the ‘h’ to give it a bit more stability but it still flexes about the loop of the ‘g’.
PS Nikki will get the next Travel post up soon but is still swamped with Uni work after just handing in her dissertation. 

2 thoughts on “Back in the Swing of Things…

  1. Jennie Larsen

    THESE ARE SO CUTE, I DON'T think I could make them, without them looking like a word no one has ever heard of. HA! Thanks for stopping by COM and for the comment love.

    winks, jen


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