Exciting weekend…

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Well this weekend has been a bit of an unusual one.
I went to a friends from dancing’s house on Friday evening for Chinese with a couple of other people from Dancing. Stayed in for a while before going to the Bridge Bar at Uni for a Salsa evening which happens each Friday after the salsa lesson has ended. 
We did manage to hijack the music for a little and got a few Cha-Cha’s and Samba’s on and even managed a waltz at the end which stumped the Salsa-ers as it is not really their style of music :p

After that I went round to a friends house to watch Angels and Demons:

We didn’t finish watching that till about 3 in the morning and I was up at about 8 in the morning after that, spending the day working on a hand out on polarised light for work and spending the late afternoon making presents for a friends birthday party that evening. 

Hair pins I made and Earrings taken from my new selection. 

I also made a holder for her goggles that she lent me when I went Skiing last and missed out on the bag that I sent back to her. Ohps…

The bag was made out of this lovely IKEA fabric and lined with fleece to make them good for cleaning the goggles too. They have a drawstring and a D-ring to make them clipable onto something.

Goggles bag, the D-ring is currently tucked under but is attached to the tab you can see near the top of the bag

Most of the people at Suzies for her party were not from Southampton to were all staying at their house. Partying went on till 5 in the morning when we all gave up for the night, despite living close I decided to stay and walk home in the morning. 
It was a joint party for Suzie and her boyfriend Andy and his brothers were there and made a huge round of bacon sandwiches in the morning and then Taken was put on the TV so I ended up staying for a while. 
We ended up having a pub lunch in the afternoon which was lovely, I then walked home the long way as it was a nice day. 

I crashed out soon after I got home, at about 5:30pm and slept soundly till this morning. 😀 


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