Spring Summer Collection {Sewing List}

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In line with my plan to sew a number of items for a Spring/Summer collection here is the first set of plans of what to sew: 

Shorts in flowery material, Pattern: still to find; Purple Gingham Sorbetto; Lace top, Self drafted Pattern; Blue/black Paisley material, Self drafted long shorts.

WIP blue/white floaty dress, Simplicity 3785; Orange, Black, Teal & cream  Sorbetto with modified front; Purple/white paisley scoop neck Tshirt, Either self drafted or a version of the Renfrew; Pale Pink Tshirting, modified  Sorbetto (no pleat, skinnier cut)

I have made a bit of progress with this sewing list and the WIP has been cut out but not sewn yet as I got annoyed with the slinky fabric. A number of photos  of the Sorbetto versions to come for my OWOP posts. Stay tuned…

What are you sewing this summer? 

What is my list missing? I’m thinking I might need some quick and easy skirt patterns to make it that little bit more summery…

On a side note, we have broken the 1000 page views barrier 😀 I know some blogs have more subscribers than that but it is a small mile stone for us!
What blog milestones have you broken recently?

**Updated to add pictures back after the great image disaster!**


6 thoughts on “Spring Summer Collection {Sewing List}

  1. Rachel W.

    Oooh, wait– would you alter the Renfrew to make it sleeveless? I would love to see that if you tackled it: the Renfrew is a great pattern, but it's already a bit too hot here for any sort of sleeves! 🙂

    1. BeadsAndBarnacles

      Well this is a thought that is currently swirling round my head. I like the way the pattern uses bands instead of hems etc. I think I will give it a go and see what happens.
      I will post the progress here even if it goes awry…
      This may take a little while but it will happen!

    2. BeadsAndBarnacles

      I don't really know but I was thinking of trying to see if it would work with a similar band to the neck line, maybe a little narrower. If it would hold up.
      We will see, all this talk makes me want to go out and make one now, but midnight is definitely too late to start a project :p


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