Spring Summer Collection {Colours}

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Colour scheme for summer:

This is the spring colour pallet from Pantone

I have decided to make some clothing for this summer and so am making a “Spring/Summer collection”. Basically a collection of different tops/bottoms which I will make with the idea of mixing these with some of my staples and existing clothes and make sure that any new items I buy fit in with what I have.

With this in mind I am making up a colour scheme for my Spring/Summer, like this Pantone one.

Obviously I will also have things such as Jeans and other wardrobe staples in additional colours. But this is the outline for me to plan what clothing I buy and make around so that there is as much flexibility in my wardrobe as possible.

Here are a representation of the clothes I have already or in the case of the peach wedges really really want…

Next time I will be listing a ‘To – Sew’ list to complete my Spring wardrobe. 

This is another example of using a colour scheme to make purchasing clothes easier, or at least make the clothes you buy match better. When shopping keep your colour scheme in mind and head for clothes which are in the scheme or basics which would go with all, White, Cream, Black, or clothes with a pop of a complimentary colour.

**Updated to reinstate the images after loosing them for some reason, and to add that I have caved and bought the wedges 😀 **


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