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Edit: Unfortunately the images in this post have decided to disappear completely and I can’t find them anywhere. Sorry.
Well today I decided that I would finally make a top out of the lace I have had sitting in my stash for a while now.

This took me an hour from deciding I was going to make it to the top in this picture,  I still have to bind the neck and arm seams but I am thinking of binding this with a silky bias tape and don’t have this at the moment so stopped there.

I started by laying out my lace, which by the way is quite stretchy, and  placed a T-shirt with a good fit on top of this and drew round it, making sure that the edge of the fabric lined up with the bottom hem of the T-shirt so I wouldn’t have to worry about a hem. For the back I drew round one side and folded it over because the T-shirt was not made fully on the grain and twisted at the back slightly.

I also extended the sleeve cap slightly…

Once I had both front and back cut out I sowed it together starting with the shoulder seams and French Seaming these to give them a little more stability. The side seams are just a simple seam.

Pinning the second seam in the French seam to make it as neat as possible

And woop finished top, well almost finished, but I don’t think this lace will fray much so I could realistically use it like this…


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