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Not perfect

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I have started doodling again which has been a nice way to try and get my brain to switch off… They are not perfect but i have to learn that not everything has to be perfect to be what you need. I have been getting so much inspiration from Alisa Burke and her creative masterpieces… Here are a few examples:  I… Read more »


It was all worth it…

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The last few weeks have been a crazy busy with a dress rehearsal on thursday evening and a full show on Friday evening, Matinee and Evening shows on Saturday.  I had to spend a lot of time finishing the skirts and dresses during the week and haven’t really had much time for anything else except more rehersals. All of this has been… Read more »


Busy Times

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This week has been a very busy one trying to sort out all these skirts and dresses.  I currently have 13 of the skirts had and 4 of the dresses are finished. On Sunday we had a rehearsal and some of the outfits were worn then and it was such a good feeling to see how they looked on people. I was… Read more »


Waistbands, and more waistbands…

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Well progress is being made on the skirts. I have two fully made and have a pile of waist bands waiting for the skirts to be attached.  Unfortunately I managed to break my double needle last night so am having to wait for a new one to be purchased by the little sis this afternoon… Along with 5 and a half… Read more »