Under piles of lycra

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Some thing happened the other day that I have never experienced before, I had to buy enough lycra to end up buying the shop out of the colour that I was trying to get!! I’m still having to wait for another 3m when they get it in from the supplier!
Why all this lycra you ask? Well I have offered to make the skirts for our performance at the universities pure dance show. This requires making 18 Latin skirts in the next 2 weeks.
On top of this I have also been asked to help with the production of the dresses for the advanced routine. Which is another 6 on top of the 18 skirts, this should be a fun two weeks slaving in front of my sewing machine. And to make matters more complicated I am no longer
working what ever hours suit me as one of my colleagues is off sick I have to go back to Hertfordshire to work from the office as much as I can.
This is currently being written on the train up to London! I have come to the conclusion that I may have to ask to bring my sewing machine into the office so that I can work on the skirts in the evenings when I am still in the office but most of the rest of the staff aren’t.
Here is a very bad version of the mock up of the skirt that I did to see if it would work. Apologies for the messy room.
I definitely contemplated not posting this picture after realising just how much of a mess the room behind me was. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances we have had to empty the sewing room into the lounge which is the reason for the piles behind me.
This photo was only taken to show my sister what I had produced yet here it is for everyone to see!

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