‘Dinner party’ inspiration

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On Tuesday I am planning on having a meal at mine for a few of my
friends and have decided that this is a good time to try out some of the many
recipes that are on pinterest.
The first one that i have decided to add to the list is the
pull apart bread.
It looks yummy and fairly simple, although I am planning to change it to be just cheese and garlic to make a pull apart version of garlic beard.
I just need to find a loaf
that suits it. Which might mean a trip across the park to the local bakers 😀
whilst there i might stop in at the butchers for good measure. It is a proper
local butchers which are so hard to find these days, it is always nice to have
a reason to go there. I just need to decide what it is that i would like to
cook now. But I have to also take into account the fact that i have at least one veggie
to deal with too…
I am also considering making a veggie curry rather than meaty and veggie meals seperately, these are the two I’m considering at the moment:
Vegetable Thali

or this:

Vegetarian Red Thai Curry

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