A chance to slow down

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Well last night my dance lesson was cancelled as the room we were supposed to be using had to be used for something else and we didn’t get enough notice to find another suitable room 🙁
Oh  well sometimes things are blessings in disguise, at 6 I decided I had done enough work for the day and gave up on it for the evening. This gave me a whole unplanned evening, resulting in opening a bottle of wine with my sister, having a nice relaxing glass of wine and actually getting to use my camera for a bit. 
I have been taking photos of the stuff in my shop to improve their images 😀
Here are two of my fav’s at the moment. I jsut need to find time to edit the rest of them :p
Three tier pearl earrings In the shop at the moment 😀
A practice attempt at a pearl ring, I love it but unfortunately it is just a bit too small for the finger I would wear it on. Possibly a size O. Available for just postage costs…

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