Keeping my promises to myself

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As I blogged before I am trying to loose weight this winter. I know this is not the normal way that people do it, normally you plan to loose weight before summer, or on the new years diet :p
But with the start of the new uni term comes a chance for me to get more exercise and get out of the house more. This week I have taken full advantage of it and have done a fair amount of exercise. Admittedly I have not been eating the healthiest I have ever eaten but one step at a time…
Monday – 2hours of dance lesson (in a very hot room :p)
Wednesday – 2hours of dance lesson (again very hot)
Saturday – 1hour of practice and walked back from Uni.
Sunday – 2hours of practice and walked back from Uni
Friday I also walked 20 mins to a from a friends house. Its the little things really :p 
I am also going to Uni again this evening for another practice session which could last up to 1.5h if there is anyone there to be able to dance with. 
Baby steps on the way to toning up my legs and stomach muscles, now to tackle eating healthily. Well once the packet of jelly beans on my desk has been finished :p

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