Sunday Sevens #29

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Here is this weeks Sunday Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how my week has been going.

This week started out with some sailing, What a shock! Monday and Tuesday we were racing with some of the Business Partners of IBM in their annual regatta. This one has a slight difference to normal regattas as it has a black tie event in the middle of it!

This is some of the photographic evidence from the evening:


Not much else happened during the week, more sailing on Friday for CEI for their 25th anniversary celebrations. I’m not sure what has happened to the summer this year but it was very wet and windy all of the end of the week!


This weekend we have given the dehydrator a good work out. We made some whole food “skittles” which turned out ok but I feel some tweaking of the recipe is going to be needed.



After that we tried out some of our own recipe, more fruit leathers and tried making some individual portion “sweets”. Some of these turned out a lot better tasting but much flatter.
I’m not going to lie I might have almost finished this tray already!


Despite the distinctly un-summery weather we have managed to harvest a few things from the garden:


Sunday evening was taken up with lots of cooking. My parents came by but needed to leave before Philip was home from work so I cooked one dinner for them then Nikki and I made Sushi and Katsu Curry for dinner. So much food!


Unfortunately my parents plans were changed slightly and my Mother was travelling back down to Devon instead of going back to work as my grandmother isn’t very well at the moment so we are hoping for a speedy recovery there, but all in all everything seems to be going well if very quickly. I’m not sure where the summer is going, I swear I’m going to blink and miss it.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #29

  1. Sheila

    There’s no such thing as fair-weather sailing then? Just as well with this washout of a Summer again. Mind you, a black tie event makes up for the lack of sunshine, methinks. I hope your grandmother isn’t too poorly:)

    1. Pippa Post author

      I wish I could only agree to do Fair Weather sailing. I was out on Tuesday and we had some torrential downpours, I just hope next week is better.
      Thanks for that, I hope she is getting better too. xx


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