Outfit Along Cardigan

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I’m so ready for this cardigan to be done right now… For the last month and a half I have been knitting this cardigan and have made good progress but now that I have reached the sleeves and can see the end I can’t wait to finish is and get onto my next project!

I think part of this is a bit of the knitting version of the “channels”, traditionally sailors used to go a little crazy when the entered the channel as this always signified that their, usually very long, voyage was coming to an end. We use it nowadays in reference to the end of a stint, when you know the end is near it can’t come soon enough.

#oal2016 cardigan

Partly it is that in my head I have started to plan my next project (or two…) and am really looking forward to starting on the big project I have in my mind.

#oal2016 cardigan

This shows my two finished fronts with the back that was knit by the previous owner of this wool. I will need to block this a bit to get the lace edging to look better and try and even up the raglan edges.

You can just see a red fleck on the top left of the knitting, this is a random stitch that I dropped and didn’t notice till much later on. I will have to pick it up some how when seaming together, it is only 1 or 2 stitches away from the edge.

#oal2016 cardigan

So much stockinette!

I have nearly finished the increases on my first sleeve and am about to start the raglan decreases. (I have knit more since this photo)

All I have after that is the second sleeve and a lace band that I want to put around the neck line and top edge to meet up with the vertical lace band. I should be able to get this done before the end of the month. I just need to find out if I have my wool needle in the county or not? and try and block as much as possible before I’m off again on Sunday and sew it up whilst on the yachts next week.

After this I need a quick little knit I think

One of these hats might make its way onto my needles, either to learn short rows or to make a lattice hat, we saw one a few years ago which had coloured flecks at the cross points which looked very cool and I keep meaning to recreate.

After that little palette cleanser I have my sights on another jumper for me. I have always wanted to knit a Lopapeysa, as the yoked design has always caught my eye. Again these have a lot of stockinette but somewhere in my mad plan is the idea to crack out the knitting machine and learn how to use that to knit the body and pick up and knit the yoke by hand.

We will see how that plan goes/how long it gets put on hold for.

Do any of you get bored of the project you are doing? Do any of you have any experience with a knitting machine?


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  1. Sheila

    I had a knitting machine back in the eighties and even did a course, but left it in the attic when I got divorced:( I totally empathise with the “channels” thing in knitting context!


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