Me-Made-May, Pledge and week 1

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So somehow May has arrived already, personally I am finding that this lockdown is going so quickly which is totally not what I was expecting from being forced to stay at home. I think it is probably becuase there is less to delinate the days and separate them from one another.

Now May has arrived so has Me-Made-May and I have decided to join in again this year, but to also up my pledge to hopefully stretch myself rather than just using it as an excuse to show off my makes. Part of the reason for joining in this year is to force me to get dressed every day, which is something I have been doing but I have got slightly to the lethargy stage of lockdown, I think the change in weather has sapped my energy slightly.
I also want to try and photograph some of my makes for the blog, as my slightly cropped corridor selfies of my clothes are not really cutting it, although that is all you are getting for the moment.

I addition to that I am wanting to really work with what I have already and not to make too much more stuff that I don’t really need. Although I really do need to sit down and make a few things… But the second part of my pledge is to try and mend/fix things I already own. So here it is:

‘I, Pippa aka Beadsandbarnacles, pledge to wear at least one handmade garment and to do some mending each day throughout May 2020′; In addition, I am planning to try and fix as many garments on my “pile of shame” as possible, throughout the month and get them back into my wardrobe.

So what did I pull on during week one?

1st May:
I did some mending and potted out some seedlings then mended the velcro on my nan’s shoes. (double mending day 🙂 ) I wore my wool blend Pietra Pants from Closet Case Patterns, that have had a few progressive alterations to make them fit me a little better, a stripey Stellan Tee from French Navy, and a light sweater knit Brit Jumper from Seamwork.

*Note: I cut the neckband off the Stellan tee as it was a bit too small and was pulling the fabric weirdly, this is on the list of things to fix this month!

slightly dark mirror selfie of me wearing green flowery moji trousers, cream with red stripes hemlock tee and Navy and White anchor print Oslo cardigan

2nd May:

Navy with white anchors Oslo cardigan from Seamwork, Cream with red stripes Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studios and my lovely flowery viscose modified Moji Trousers from Seamwork.
For more work in the greenhouse and some more mending of the socks.

*Note: the Hemlock tee needs to be hemmed so that is on my list to finish this month!

3rd May:
Today I went back to the Pietra trousers (expect to see them a lot this month, especially on cooler days) but paired it with a new warm-weather make. I modified the Cielo top from Closet Case Patterns, I extended the sleeves a bit and gathered the bottom of the cuff to create a top that would provide me with arm cover but not be too warm for the sunny summer days that I hope we have.
As it was not one of those super warm days I added my wool/alpaca cabled cardigan that had been put away when the weather turned sunny last month but has made a return.

*Note I hemmed and gathered the arms on the Cielo top before I wore so that counts as a garment that I have made wearable – even if I did only make it a few days before…

This week I have been working on darning some thermal socks that I have worn through to just the nylon, in multiple places – I am very hard on my shoes and socks!

I have hemmed my Cielo top and cut the neckline off the stellan tee to check that the neck band was actually the problem.
I also had to add a section of fabric to the inside of my Nan’s velcro strap for her shoe to stop it from unravelling anymore after the stitching started to come undone.

Are you joining in with Me-Made-May this year or is it just one thing too much this year? Currently I tend to wear mostly Me-Mades so that part of the challenge isn’t going to be the bit that pushes me. Hopefully I can keep up with my challenge to myself to keep fixing my clothing…


6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May, Pledge and week 1

  1. Rainbow Junkie

    That’s a lot of mending! I admit I have a few clothes things that I ought to mend but if I did some each day wouldn’t even take me a week! All those self-made clothes is impressive.

    1. Pippa Post author

      ☺️ thank you. I have had a good few years to create a wardrobe that I enjoy. But I will admit it still needs some more additions…
      I am looking forward to my mending pile being that small but I think that will take way beyond this month…

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thank you. It took me a while to get to the stage that I could join in without a real challenge. May is not a month for skirts most years …

  2. tialys

    I really like the Pietra trousers. I’m tempted – especially as I don’t think I’ll be able to get the top button of my jeans done up for a while after the lockdown eases. What fitting issues did you have – was it something to do with the pattern or specific to you? I’m not usually a fan of elasticated waistbands to be honest but yours do look good on you. You are looking like a skinny Minnie these days – and I mean that in a complimentary way

    1. Pippa Post author

      Sorry I never got round to replying to this ‍♀️ mostly I did my usual fitting modifications, increase back rise, lower front slightly.
      But then had to go back and take width out of the front of the trousers a few times to get them to sit nicely.
      My fabric has a bit of stretch to out so that might be part of the reason but also I think I need to grade to a size smaller for the front waist or take out the bit where the waist gets a bit of extra room right at the top.

      So nothing drastic. Would love to see what they look like on you too


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