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Recently I turned 32 so I thought I would do an update on how my 35 before 35 list has been going in the first “half a year” and see if any progress/changes have occured yet.

1: Organise Old Photos
2: Print out Photos
3: Hang my own art on walls
4: Investigate M. Rhodes
5: Do an Embroidery Piece
6: Take a Pottery Class
7: Try Wood Turning
8: Be Confident Using DSLR in Manual
9: Make a Quilt
10: Sew two Coats
11: Make a fitted collared Shirt
12: Make a Jumper on my Knitting Machine
13: Make a Pair of Shoes
14: Have a 90% Me-Made Wardrobe
15: “Downsize” My possessions
16: Maintain a Veg Garden for at least 1 year
17: Serve a completely me-made dinner party
18: Write a Will
19: Get Driving Licence
20: Get Yachtmaster Ticket
21: Have a Spa Weekend
22: Visit all 15 National Parks
23: Canoe a Section of the Dart
24: Holiday on IOW
25: See up Helly Aa
26: Write up Travel Memoirs
27: Visit More European Countries
28: Relearn French
29: Go to Iceland
30: See Tivoli Winter Gardens
31: Personal
32: Try sliversmithing.
33: TBD
34: TBD
35: TBD

Unsurprisingly I haven’t made a big dent in the list yet but being only 1/7th of the way through the time frame this is not that surprising. And I have added to one of the TBD slots already, I have been increasingly interested in making some of my own jewellery and not just in wire like I have already tried. I would like to have a go at creating solid rings, and soldering jewellery together, I feel I might have to take a course to start this, but then again maybe not. We will see…

1-7: So far I have only managed to scratch at one of these and have hung one of my own pieces of art on the wall…

8: I have been taking my DSLR out with me on walks at the start of the year, but it is just too bulky to justify carrying with me regularly when my mobile takes such great photographs.

9: I have started a Mini Hexis quilt project which has been coming everywhere with me recently – even if I haven’t actually been doing much to it. I am currently ready to create the layout for the final part of the first stripe!

10-13: No real progress on these yet, but this is not unexpected, most of the big sewing / knitting progress will occur over the winters.

14-15: My comitment to a 90% me-made wardrobe is waining slightly. I mean I would love to have it but the time period might be extended slightly as I am less happy about throwing out the RTW stuff I own whilst it still has some life in it but is not ‘as new’ any more. I feel it will be more environmentally friendly to hold onto it and use it till it is not useable anymore, then repurpose it…

16-17: Between Nikki and I we are actually making quite a good dent in keeping the veg garden over this summer so we might actually achieve this one this year.

18-20: There is a little progress on these ones but they are not close to being ticked off yet.

21: Well we had a spa day earlier in the year, but still keeping this one on here in the hope of a full weekend 🙂

22: Now this is the one that I have made the most progress on. So far I have walked in the New Forest NP; stayed in a shepards hut in the South Downs NP; Walked up Corn Du, the twin peak to Pen y Fan, in the Brecon Beacons NP. 3 down 12 to go!

23: Canoeing is still on the to do list, but I did canoe a section of the Wye for a friends hen do so that counts as training right!

24: Tick… I have actually fully achieved this one, A and I spent the weekend on the Island for his birthday staying in two Air Bnb’s and checking out some of the more touristy sights. Notably the needles from the land! and the Garlic Farm

25-32: No real progress on these yet, but there is still time!


2 thoughts on “35 before 35 update

  1. tialys

    I’ll be interested to see how your mini hexi project progresses as I’ve been makng some minis myself, albeit very ‘on and off’, and am wondering what to do with them eventually.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol currently it is languishing a bit but as I have got a little bored with this coloured stripe but hopefully I will finish that section soon and have a bit more enthusiasm for the next colour… We will see, I will try and do an update on my plans for that soonish.


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